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Ready to start your very own business? We are here to assist you in your venture! It is not easy to start off into the world with your ideas for business and you need a specialist to advise you on your projects. While you are busy with your critical decisions for making your business stand out in the market, we’ll assist you in finding the right accommodations for your office as well as the best equipment to ensure your project is a success! Our experienced teams of professionals are here to guide you on your journey to success!

Investors, entrepreneurs and dreamers are the pillars of a start-up community. Various aspects such as balance sheets and general ledgers can be an after-thought and in some cases stifle creativity as well. Allow Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPAs to help startups like yours achieve success with more focus in comprehensive financial needs, while allowing you to concentrate on the development and launch of services and products.

Our Start Up Business Services Include:

  • Provide you with help to achieve your business goals
  • Assist you with advices to help wade through various IRS regulations and compliance issues
  • Detailed explanation on the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of good accounting and reporting
  • Work with you to develop a pricing strategy
  • Assist getting your books in order for potential investors
  • Understand your business and determine its worth
  • Help in sales pitch development

Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPAs provides the essential scope to help start-ups – from a wider knowledge of Texas market and business climate, to assistance with entity selection and structuring, traditional tax and audit services outsourced accounting, mergers, valuation, acquisitions and business expansion, we can help your firm become standouts.

Our firm has been involved with a variety of roles when working with start-up companies and this is the reason why Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPAs is different when compared to other firms in the start-up companies and early stage space.

Services for start-up businesses include

Tax Planning and Compliance01.

  • Federal Income Tax
  • Choice of Entity
  • State and Local Income Tax
  • Sales and Use Tax Consulting and Compliance
  • Tax Strategies for Businesses and Owners
  • Stock Sale Planning

Audit and Advisory02.

  • Audits, Reviews and Compilations of Financial Statements
  • Internal Control Assessments
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Software Capitalization

Outsourced Accounting03.

  • Bookkeeping
  • General Ledger Faciliation
  • Accounting System Sourcing and Set-up
  • Account Payable/Receivable and Bill Pay
  • Payroll Preparation and Tax Reporting
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Preparation
  • Sales and Use Tax-Related Consulting
  • Revenue Management
  • Accounting Management and Financial Analysis
  • Disbursement Management
  • CFO Services
  • Cloud Accounting

We also offer advisory services, including:

  • Cloud-based Accounting Solutions
  • Outsourced CFO Services
  • Capital Raise
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Expansions
  • Valuations
  • Systems Selection and Implementation
  • Information Technology and Software Development
  • Human Resources and Payroll Outsourcing
  • Staff Sourcing
  • Financial Model Development
how can we help you?

Whether you’re an individual, startup, small business, or a large corporation, our CPAs and staff are here to serve you and provide exceptional accounting services for you and your company.

Having to get some paperwork notarized on a Friday seams a bit harder than it is. Went to my bank first and they quit notarizing Medical POA’s and DPOA’s. So I called Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA’s and thank goodness they were open, headed over and took care of it. Steve and his team are great!

Damon B
Damon B.
Let Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPAs help you power your Start-Up Businesses revenue cycle.

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