Care to start your very own dental practice? There are a lot of aspects to consider for the budding entrepreneur in you and we can fuel that aspiration for you! We can help you set up your very own clinic for conducting your practice. A proper clinic requires good equipment to run it and we can help you locate these equipment and help you avail them at the best possible prices. Our advisory team can help you handle all the business aspects of your practice while you’re on your way helping the good people of the world.

Dental Practice – CPA for Dentist Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Seagoville

Are you setting up your own dental practice in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and Seagoville area? If that is the case, you need to be aware of the business side of the practice as well. We can help you out by setting up a well-connected network in the field of medical business and target opportunities that can benefit your practice in the long run. It is a difficult task to conduct alone which is why we are here to assist you leaving you free to focus on your patients and practice completely.

One of the major aspects in setting up your dental practice is proper tax planning. This can help maximize profits for your establishment and retain clients on account of maximized affordability for your patients. We can guide you in setting up an effective policy regarding the taxable portions of your practice. Our team of specialists can advise you in your tax planning such that you or your practice are not harassed by the IRS or the government on the matter.

It is important to keep the business side of your practice afloat and that is not easy to achieve it alone. We have experienced teams of professionals that can advise you on the business side of your practice and help understand all the aspects, from the Affordable Care Act implications to balancing the latest CMS policies for reimbursements. As your enterprise grows, we can also guide you toward proper hospital integrations so you can expand your practice and evaluate all business opportunities that are relevant to community necessities, feasibility, and patient affordability among several others. You are entitled to complete access to our healthcare team, which includes the resources we have at our disposal. You are also privy to fresh perspectives, which are necessary for any starting dental practice, and we will ensure you can check every item on your business bucket list.

Services for physicians include

Tax Planning and Compliance

Strategic Tax Forecasts

Comprehensive Business-Personal Services

Operational Effectiveness and Profitability

Operational Assessments and Workflow Redesign

Staff Training to Improve Revenue Throughput

Rightsizing Strategy and Implementation

Managed Care Contracting to Optimize Opportunities

Fraud Prevention and Detection

Revenue Cycle Acceleration

Business Office Work Flow and Process Assessment

Outsourced Business Office Assessment and Deficiency Correction Plans

Interim Management

Strategic Positioning

Sustainable Compensation Models That Incentivize

Buy-Sell-Merge-Expansion Decision Propositions

Start-up of Entrepreneurial Medical Practices

Practice Valuation

Physician-Hospital Success

Employment Agreement Analysis

Successful IT Integration and Implementation

Technology Enhancement and Utilization

Practice Management System Optimization

NextGen Certified Training

Multisystem Integration


Comprehensive Accounting

QuickBooks® Consulting

Payroll Preparation and Tax Reporting

Accounting System Consultation, Implementation and Training

Sales and Use Tax-Related Consulting

Turnkey Controllership Services

Employee Benefit Plan Administration

Financial Statement Analysis and Preparation

Business Plan Development