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Entertainment, arts and sports are the key players of big business today and to manage these areas smoothly, you need more than a money manager or CPA. You need to affiliate with a firm who has a comprehensive knowledge on what you do and everything that is associated with it.

Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPAs can be your single source for taxes, wealth planning, royalties and business management, and for some major issues such as endorsement negotiations and contract analysis. Additionally, we can also implement the various services you currently enjoy with existing agents, bankers, attorneys and financial managers to ensure that your interests are always highlighted and represented.

We are always available to answer your questions and assist you make informed and smart decisions when it comes to your money. We are one-stop-firm for managing both your personal and professional affairs.

Services for athletes, artists, entertainers and executives include:

  • Business Management Services
  • Business Opportunity Reviews
  • Tax Planning and Compliance
  • Financial Planning
  • Contract Analysis and Evaluation
  • Contract Analysis and Evaluation
  • Contract Analysis and Evaluation
  • Asset Management and Investment Monitoring
  • Multistate Tax Planning
  • Estate and Succession Planning
  • Marketing, Endorsements and Appearance Services
  • Life Management
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony
  • Philanthropic Planning and Execution
  • Licensing and Ancillary Rights Management
  • Insurance Analysis and Risk Managemen
  • Royalties Management and Audit
  • Bill Pay Services Including Payroll
  • Business Consulting Management
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Whether you’re an individual, startup, small business, or a large corporation, our CPAs and staff are here to serve you and provide exceptional accounting services for you and your company.

Having to get some paperwork notarized on a Friday seams a bit harder than it is. Went to my bank first and they quit notarizing Medical POA’s and DPOA’s. So I called Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA’s and thank goodness they were open, headed over and took care of it. Steve and his team are great!

Damon B.

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