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Income Tax Preparation in Arlington, Seagoville, Fort Worth, Princeton, Dallas TX

Throughout each year, our CPAs work with individual clients to help them minimize their tax liabilities. We are available year round to provide creative tax solutions. Our income tax planning services in Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Princeton and Seagoville area enable our clients to rest assured that they are accomplishing their financial goals while saving tax dollars in the process.


The team of experienced professionals here at Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA have perfected the art of keeping updated on all tax laws and can deliver you a comprehensive analysis on the subtle changes made by the IRS each year that can be useful in claiming deductions and returns on your taxes.

The most important step in claiming deductions and relief on your taxes is to have a comprehensive knowledge of how the system works. While overtly complicated, it is a relatively simple matter for our teams of resourceful specialists and they can assess your income tax preparation for the best possible course of action.

At Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA, we will prepare for you tax solutions and tailor them to suit your needs. It is not the same for everyone, which is why we have our professionals who use their experience to fine tune your income tax preparations to your specifications.

If you are in search of affordable Income Tax Preparation service near you then get in touch with us @ 817-442-2019 / 972-954-6258. Our served locations are Arlington, Seagoville & Princeton New Jersey.

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Whether you’re an individual, startup, small business, or a large corporation, our CPAs and staff are here to serve you and provide exceptional accounting services for you and your company.

Having to get some paperwork notarized on a Friday seams a bit harder than it is. Went to my bank first and they quit notarizing Medical POA’s and DPOA’s. So I called Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA’s and thank goodness they were open, headed over and took care of it. Steve and his team are great!

Damon B
Damon B.

Call 817.466.9333 or 972.287.5593 for income tax preparation and return filing

Call 817.466.9333 or 817.466.9333 to reckon your return filling and income tax preparation. Please schedule your appointment.

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