CFO Services: Definition & Reasons To Opt For It

CFO Services in Arlington

CFO Services: Definition & Reasons To Opt For It

By Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA's

The financial management of your company is among the main problems preventing it from expanding as you would like. That is, you just can’t put the numbers together to determine your greatest dangers and possibilities for the future, much along the path to financial stability and growth. Your bookkeeping team is doing an excellent job of staying on top of tax and compliance concerns. Still, they just lack the experience and expertise to produce the reports and data you need to take your company to the next level and beyond that. Even hiring a chief financial officer with experience in your sector, who can start giving you and your board of directors vital information to fuel the next development cycle, is something you’re discussing right now. A small, developing business must make a significant financial commitment to hire a seasoned CFO. Our accountants at Smith & Smith & Ruiz will help you to learn more about CFO in this blog.

What Is A CFO Service?

By hiring an outsourced CFO service, you may get all the necessary knowledge without looking for and training a new CFO for your company.

When Do You Need CFO Service?

Let’s analyze the problems you believe are hindering your business. The general types of dissatisfaction felt by CEOs and boards with the financial structure of their organizations are as follows:


In the best-case scenario, you’re receiving inaccurate information that prevents you from monitoring every part of your business. The spreadsheets from your finance department don’t accurately account for the complexities of products or projects that span months or quarters, don’t correctly assign overhead vs. cost of goods sold, and don’t have the necessary KPIs for your industry or growth stage. In the worst situation, errors brought on by incorrect data entry and classification render the spreadsheets unusable. Regardless of where your business lies on this spectrum, you cannot be expected to make the best decisions for the future of your business if you lack the data to support those choices.

Raising Capital

Even if your business can squeak by with limited financial data, banks and investors won’t join you unless you can provide them with a convincing, substantial financial picture. To acquire the funding your firm needs to expand, you must have a thorough and accurate economic history, estimates, and financial story. You know it’s time to act to get your financial house in order if your business exhibits any or all of these problems. Without addressing these problems, your firm will not only be unable to expand, but it will risk going backward and finally failing.


The development of a plan depends heavily on accurate and timely financial information, practical interpretation, and advice on how to best use it. Your goal is too important not to use solid facts to guide its development. Without first knowing where you have been, it is impossible to know where you are going. Additionally, knowing where you’ve come from and how you got to where you are today helps you map out your future course. In other words, your financials and financial leadership should assist you in using that knowledge to develop and improve your strategy by telling you – on a segmented basis – what has worked and what hasn’t.

We hope this blog has helped you to learn more about CFO Services. Get in touch with us at Smith & Smith & Ruiz for the best CFO services in Arlington, TX.


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