Tax Savings for Dental Treatment Abroad


Tax Savings for Dental Treatment Abroad

By Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA's

It won’t be unusual if you cannot afford a trip to a dentist. After all, with all the inflation rates, dental care charges have risen to outrageous amounts. Even dental insurances cannot keep up and the numbers of consumers who opt for it have reduced over time.

A large part of these expenses come from taxes and while insurance can help save taxes, it poses a problem for those who cannot afford it. If you’re among the crowd who are exeunt from dental insurance, there are still several other options out there that qualify as possible alternatives. These options are targeted at saving dental costs as much as possible and help in saving your funds as well as taxes.

Save on Taxes

Medical tourism as means to save on taxes

There are several reviews from patients who have used medical tourism for their dental treatments. The primary concept that applies to this is that there are several countries that have yet to integrate themselves properly in the world economy and earn some modicum of renown. The advantage with dental tourism is that the treatment costs are significantly reduced as they have to adhere to the tax laws of the respective countries. Most of the expenses in this form of treatment goes in travelling most of which is still affordable and allows you to save on taxes.

cheaper treatment imply lack of quality

Does cheaper treatment imply lack of quality?

This is a question that arises for a large number of patients who are looking to opt for dental treatment abroad. After much contemplation on part of the medical and economy pundits around the world, it can be safely concluded that there isn’t much discernible difference in quality of treatment. Doctors and dentists that are qualified for practice are well versed in the intricacies of dentistry and can be relied on to perform at expected levels. The advantage this poses is that the cost of the same treatment that was expensive at home reduces significantly as you also save up on taxes which take up a major portion of the treatment cost.

dental treatment abroad


What to watch out for when choosing dental treatment abroad

Dental tourism promises to be the most cost effective option where cheaper treatment is concerned. Even procedures that involve implant fabrication are less expensive than would have been at home. However, as always, there are some complications that you should be aware of before you opt for treatment abroad. The primary concern that arises in such situations is if there are emergency complications that occur during the trip, it’s a long way back home. It is advisable to choose locations that are closer to your present location. If most of your travel expenses match the treatment cost back home, it destroys the purpose of choosing treatment abroad.

Although, you will save taxes on treatment, it is the patient’s responsibility to choose the right dental care professionals who will operate to your satisfaction. It is not feasible to opt for inferior quality treatment when you’re travelling abroad for it. Make sure all other requisites such as passports and visas, as well as prescriptions are in order before changing countries and that the prescribed drugs can be acquired back home in case of continued treatment.

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