A growing oil & gas company needed our help

An Oil & Gas company needed guidance on how to handle their growth.

They started as a sole proprietorship and were in search of a CPA firm that could advise them on how to handle the growth of their company. After searching for a firm, they decided to meet with Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA’s, LLC. In our initial meeting, we learned of their business and inquired about their goals. We decided that it was best for them to incorporate.

From there, we developed a structure that would benefit them financially while eliminating most of the liability that they had been exposed to as a sole proprietor. After the incorporation of their company, they enlisted Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA’s, LLC to prepare their taxes. We worked with them in a detailed manner to ensure that their taxes were proper. Upon completion of the company’s tax return, they took notice of the taxes saved from incorporating and were able to use these funds for the growth of their business.