IRS Representation for Tax Audits


IRS Representation for Tax Audits

By Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA's

It can get difficult to keep track of all your taxable assets and to err is human. If you are being audited by the IRS, it’s not a cause for despair. What you need is proper, professional IRS representation to offer you counsel, professionally, on your best course of action.

Staying Legitimate

It is important to ensure that your accounts and assets are all legitimized with proper records so that you are not harassed during inspection. An IRS representative can advise you on the processes of organizing your assets and identifying the best legal recourse.

You need your tax returns prepared professionally in order to ensure that you are not unjustly penalized for assets that qualify for relief. It is also important to ascertain which assets have expired without having their returns claimed as it can provide you with leverage.

Explore Your Options

Explore Your Options

The IRS has compiled a very detailed list of exactly which assets they consider taxable and which ones qualify for deductions based on your gross annual income. If you itemize your assets, you can ascertain which of them qualify for returns. This also opens up a lot of options that can help you qualify your audit and manage to save on your finances enough for the future.

To prepare for your best course of action, you need someone with complete knowledge of the IRS regulations like an IRS representative  who can draw up a tax report on your finances. You can also choose to go with installment payment plans if you are unable to pay your penalty up front. However, you need proper IRS representation to draw up a plan that shows you the best way to prepare for paying out your penalty.

There are other guidelines all of which require counsel to sort the matter completely such as innocent spouse relief, corporate income taxes, penalty assessment, and offers in compromise. You must ascertain proper legal representation for all of the above.

Secure your Finances

Secure Your Finances

The most important factor when dealing with the IRS is to ensure that your assets are not forfeited. You must have your finances secured for the future after you have repaid the outstanding penalties. Proper legal representation can help you draw up a plan for your financial statements. Their experience with tax authorities can help guide you through your dealings with federal and state agencies.

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