Duration of IRS Audit Process


Duration of IRS Audit Process

By Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA's

The length differs depending on the various types of audit:

Complexity of the issue, accessibility of information requested, availability of both parties for arranging meetings and agreement or disagreement with the findings.

An IRS audit is a review of business or individual accounts and financial sequence according to the tax laws, to confirm the reported amount of tax correctly.

IRS uses several methods to ensure that there is no problem:

IRS performs National Research program on which tax are returned and compared against “norms” for similar return. Sometimes returns are selected based particularly on a statistical formula. IRS uses this to revise return information.

If your returns are involved with transactions or other issues, like business partners or investors, then the returns are selected for audits.

If the auditor finds out any noticeable error then he will send it to the examining group, for further investigation, and then they will accept the reviews after that.

IRS Audit

IRS Manages audit:

The process is done either by mailing or interviewing a person either in the IRS officer or in the tax payers’ home, place of business or in accountant’s office. IRS manages to give all the information through written letter.

If IRS manages to give the information through mail then the given letter will have more information about income, document of deductions.

But if the person has too many books and other files, in that case a face to face audit can be implemented.

IRS can include returns that have been filed within the last three years in an audit. If there is an error then he will add on more years. They try to return as soon as possible.

If the problem is not resolved then the dates can be extended. The edict of limitation restricts the time permitted to assess additional tax. One can also make statute of limitation incase of refunds. If you require to support your position then, the enactment can be extended to provide further documentation.

IRS are given time to complete the audit process and provides time to practice the audit recess.

Once the audit begins, it last for hours. Depending on the complexity of the issue it can last for several months. The file generally remains open until the taxpayers file any felonious returns. This becomes a scope for the IRS to audit in these other years.

Third parties can give you additional informational and the process will remain open till any further review is received.

If petition is filed then, the audit will be opened until the auditor updates their process. This results to let the audit open for several months, the taxpayers signs an extension period. The limitation may extend upto three years or more than that

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