A Complete Guide To Income Tax Preparation

Income Tax Preparation

A Complete Guide To Income Tax Preparation

By Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA's

The government collects taxes from the general public for paying its bills and providing public goods and services. The Internal Revenue Service, also known as the IRS is responsible for collecting the taxes on behalf of the nation.

The taxes are generally paid through money taken off the paychecks and payments made while filing the tax assessments every year. You may not be applicable for an income tax return if your income is below a certain amount, but you must take care to file a tax return if you want to claim a refundable tax credit or refund on the income tax withheld.

We have represented the step by step procedure for helping individuals on income tax preparation

Gather All Your Tax Forms and Paperwork

The first thing that you should do before filing your tax is gathering the tax forms and completing the paperwork. Make sure you are in possession with all the IRS forms that are required to file a tax return. This primarily includes the W-2 form and other income statements.

A proof of health insurance coverage is sometimes also required to complete the return. Thus you should gather all your supporting documents, such as earning statements, interest statements, and receipts for the donations you made at the timing of filing your document.

Determine The Filing Status Of Your Income Tax Papers

Determining the marital status and how much the household members pay towards maintaining the family and keeping up the home can help you verify the appropriate filing status. In simple words, it will give you a fair bit of idea about the amount that you are required to pay to the government as tax.

Check Whether You Qualify For Free Income Tax Return Preparation

The IRS offers help without any remuneration to citizens with a low income, defense personnel, and their families, senior citizens, and people with disabilities. Before filing your tax, you must check whether you belong to such categories as this would not put any strain on your finances at the time of filing your income tax papers.

Always Choose The Simplest Form At The Time Of Filing

Always choose the correct, as well as, the simplest form to file your return. If you choose to file your return via the IRS e-file, then the system will automatically decide the most suitable form as per your needs.

Make Sure To Calculate Your Taxes And Credits

Make sure to add up all your sources of income, including salary, interest earned from the bank, investment accounts, and pension or retirement-related accounts. Check and clarify if you qualify for credits and deductions, such as charitable contributions, education, and child care expenses.

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