7 New Year Financial Resolution for Every Business


7 New Year Financial Resolution for Every Business

By Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA's

Finding a better financial resolution in the beginning of the year might be difficult but not impossible. May be in the past you did not plan anything for your financial affairs or whatever you planned ended in smoke. Well now after exploring the complied list of ten best New Year financial resolutions hereby you might feel the difference.

We are providing relevant information about the necessary measures you can take to empower your business and observe progressive development of financial management. Lastly but certainly, if you begin the New Year with an organized and adroit plan over financial affairs then success is inevitable across every spheres.


Here is the list…

  • Be Serious about Emergency Funds

Emergency fund is very much necessary during financial calamities like business loss or bankruptcy. Even in decline in revenue, emergency fund plays an important role towards safeguarding your commercial stature. Depending upon your earnings and expenses, always endeavor to keep $15000 to $30000 in emergency cash fund and never use it fulfill petty expenses.

  • Leveraging Bookkeeping Software

Tracking your business finance and invoices with the help of a goo bookkeeping software would help in collecting relevant data and establishing a net value. Besides, easing your tax preparation, it would help in yielding accurate and fast output which manual effort would fail to achieve. Bookkeeping software also helps in effective regulation of due dates and important deadlines

  • Closing Unnecessary Accounts

Bank certainly charges for keeping credit or checking accounts. It is certainly a big loss if you keep a dozen of unnecessary accounts. For if the bank charges you $10 for an unnecessary account then you are spending around $120 a year and $1200 in ten years. As we all know “A dollar saved is a dollar earned”, then adhering to it would help you save a lot of money.

  • Scrutinize Before You Invest on a Venture

Before investing on a new marketing strategy or purchasing a business property, know the ins and outs of everything where finances are involved. Moreover, since everything has its pros and cons, analyze and every data, and take actions accordingly. In addition, never forget to keep a close touch to your accountant or financial management team for updates and reports.

  • Never Prioritize Friendship over Business

Business depends on logic & analysis not emotions. If you take your next business venture with one of your friend without effective research then chances are there for an unexpected befall. Before going on to any business venture, understand the resources, skills involved, nature of products, hindrances involved, and the competitors lurking. Then making initiating a well-organized financial system would certainly boost your business development.

  • Have a Basic Idea of Financial Affairs

If you not familiar with accounts and commerce then it is indeed the high time to become familiar with the basic aspects for finance.  For if you remain isolated and give all responsibilities to your accounting team then there are chances of abrupt inconvenience which may later hinder your progress. You must read business magazines to gather some basic knowledge and closely monitor your accounts department and understand what they are doing.

  • Pay off your Loans

Paying off loans must be prioritized and is to be completed within the given time. If you pay less attention and fail to finish the deal with the time schedule then you are likely to be fined for that. For if you are in debt then follow the idea of saving more and spending less, and never go into risky investment. After all, you can use the saved money to repay your loans.

So, follow all these financial resolution measures from the beginning of New Year and make your business thrive in this challenging world.