5 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners


5 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

By Smith & Smith & Ruiz CPA's

If you are like most small business owners finding the time to execute your marketing goals almost never happens.

How many great ideas have you had that you’ve just never gotten to? I can count a few of mine. I’m sure you can too.

But when you are spending your days helping your customers, helping about payroll, managing inventory or whatever it might be to, Ya know, Run your business every day, executing those grand marketing ideas isn’t always possible.

So, here’s five things you can do to give your marketing efforts a quick jump start.

Get their email

 Ask for reviews

Give back help


Learn From Your Customer

Additional Tips:

Give Rather Than Sell: 

“No one likes to be sold. That’s why I don’t do it. Instead, I focus on giving new leads actionable information on the college application process as well as informing them how my business can help. I also offer to meet with them for a free evaluation. The majority of the leads that I bring it realize the value and their own vulnerability in doing this on their own after this meeting. The close rate after consultation is 80%.” –Larry Winters, Academy College Coaches

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