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Construction Advisory Services

If you are getting swamped with the business end of your firm, you can turn over the responsibility of your financial compilations to us and focus on your clientele. We will ascertain that your funds are used appropriately and assist you in turning over as much profit as possible. We can advise you in the best possible way for expanding your business.

Construction Advisory Services

With Smith & Smith you will be privy to our CPAs and we will grant you unparalleled access to their carefully assimilated resources which you can effectively use to reduce your tax liabilities without losing out on your clients and precious time.

You can leave the managing of the bookkeeping side of your construction enterprise to us and we can grant you with the valuable time you would need to run your service. Contact us to efficiently expand your business and take it to the next level.

The Dreaded Letter from the IRS.

A client received a letter from the IRS regarding his prior year tax return. Unfortunately, he was being audited. The IRS believed that expenses for his LLC were overstated and disallowed certain deductions. In addition, the IRS stated that the client owed thousands of dollars in penalties alone. We met with this client and went over all of the relevant documents. We were able to guide him through the process and provide him peace of mind. Upon review of transcripts and various documents, we met with an IRS agent on behalf of our client. This ...

An owner of an auto shop came to Smith & Smith CPAs, LLC with a letter from the IRS.

This letter stated that an audit would be taking place. Having never been through an IRS audit, the owner needed help to prepare. We advised him on the process and shared our past experiences. When the audit came, we were there with him every step of the way.

An Oil & Gas company needed guidance on how to handle their growth.

They started as a sole proprietorship and were in search of a CPA firm that could advise them on how to handle the growth of their company. After searching for a firm, they decided to meet with Smith & Smith CPAs, LLC. In our initial meeting, we learned of their business and inquired about their goals. We decided that it was best for them to incorporate.

A group of doctors were looking for a CPA firm to help them form their new practice.

A group of doctors had been working for various practices and decided to form their own medical entity. They were sure that they could succeed given their experience and knowledge in their field of medicine. Needing a CPA firm to advise them on various tax decisions, they decided to seek the services of Smith & Smith CPAs, LLC.

A cardiologist received a letter from the IRS for delinquent payroll taxes that had already been paid.

The cardiologist was sure that the payroll taxes had been paid however, he needed help to prove this was the case. Our CPAs reviewed the tax payments and reconciled them to the various tax liabilities. Upon completion, it was determined that the aforementioned taxes were indeed paid. The issue was that they were applied incorrectly.
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